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HR Consultant : Agnew, Kathy, HR Phone : (505) 277-6575, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
Human Resources Department730BYes
Harwood Foundation Program124CYes
Parent Association - EM290GYes
KUNM Administration402B0Yes
KUNM Programming402C0Yes
KUNM Programming402CYes
KUNM Production402EYes
KUNM Operations402FYes
LINK Student475D2Yes
EWDP General Administrative688GYes
Provost Academic Coop Education173AYes
LAII General Administrative617BYes
GS Scholarships Fellowships457FYes
Harwood Foundation Gen Admin124BYes
HR EHP General Administrative851D0Yes
HR Consultant : Aguilar, Alma, HR Phone : (505) 925-0472, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
CRTC Shared Facilities099JYes
CRTC Admn Resource Ctr099K0Yes
CRTC Nursing099K1Yes
CRTC Medical Oncology099K2Yes
CRTC Chemothrpy Infusion099K3Yes
CRTC Hereditary Cancer Clinic099K5Yes
CRTC Radiation Oncology099K7Yes
CRTC Surgical Oncology099K8Yes
Research Administration099KYes
CRTC CRDM Admin Support099L0Yes
CRTC CRDM Rsrch Nurses099L1Yes
CRO Affiliates099L3Yes
CRTC Clinic Rsrch Data Management099LYes
Cancer Epi Administration Support099M0Yes
CRTC Cancer Epidemiology099MYes
NMTR Administration Support099N0Yes
CRTC New Mexico Tumor Registry NMTR099NYes
Cancer Prevention Admin Support099O0Yes
CRTC Cancer Prevention and Control099OYes
CRTC Research Operations099Q0Yes
CRTC Research Director099Q08Yes
CRTC Research Program Support099QYes
CRTC Main Campus099R00Yes
Medical Oncology099R01Yes
Infusion Suite099R02Yes
Surgical Specialities099R03Yes
Clinic Operations / Revenue Cycle099R04Yes
Radiation Oncology099R05Yes
CRTC Farmington099R06Yes
UNMCC Silver City099R07Yes
Clinic Enterprise Operations099RYes
Medical Oncology099S1Yes
Radiation Oncology099S2Yes
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