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HR Consultant : Agnew, Kathy, HR Phone : (505) 277-6575, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
HR Administration730B1Yes
Harwood Foundation Program124CYes
HR Client Services730B3Yes
HR Business Services730B6Yes
Human Resources Department730BYes
HR Compensation730B4Yes
HR Service Center730B5Yes
HR Labor & Employee Relations730C0Yes
HR Staffing Services730D0Yes
HR UNM Temps730DYes
Employee Organizational Developme730EYes
Human Resources730AYes
HR EHP General Administrative851D0Yes
HR Employee Wellness851DYes
Office of Equal Opportunity016AYes
Institute of Design & Innovation386AYes
VP for Equity and Inclusion289AYes
Parent Association - EM290GYes
KUNM Administration402B0Yes
KUNM Programming402C0Yes
KUNM Programming402CYes
KUNM Development402DYes
KUNM Production402EYes
KUNM Operations402FYes
Univ Lbry CRS General Admin412DYes
LINK Student475D2Yes
Provost General Administrative688BYes
Provost Academic Support688CYes
Provost Faculty Initiatives688DYes
EWDP General Administrative688GYes
Provost Office Staff688AYes
Provost Academic Coop Education173AYes
LAII General Administrative617BYes
GS Scholarships Fellowships457FYes
Harwood Foundation Gen Admin124BYes
HR Benefits730B2Yes
HR Consultant : Aguilar, Alma, HR Phone : (505) 925-0472, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
Cancer Therapeutics099X7Yes
Division of Molecular Medicine099XYes
Gynecology Oncology Faculty099Y1Yes
Gynecology Oncology Admin Support099Y2Yes
Gynecology Oncology Fellowships099Y3Yes
CRTC Population Sci Academic Unit099Z1Yes
CRTC Biostatistics Academic Unit099Z2Yes
CRTC Epidemiology Academic Unit099Z3Yes
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